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Conferència Degrowth Budapest. Ponències

Textos en anglès de 21 ponències de la 5ª Conferència de Budapest de 2016

You can find the English texts here. For now, we have translated 21 texts:
  1. Introduction by Corinna Burkhart, Dennis Eversberg, Matthias Schmelzer and Nina Treu 
  2. 15 M by Eduard Nus
  3. Artivism by John Jordan
  4. Buen Vivir by Alberto Acosta (with VIDEO)
  5. Care Revolution by Matthias Neumann and Gabriele Winker
  6. Climate Justice by Tadzio Müller
  7. Commons by Johannes Euler and Leslie Gauditz
  8. Degrowth by Corinna Burkhart, Dennis Eversberg, Matthias Schmelzer and Nina Treu 
  9. Demonetize by Andrea*s Exner, Justin Morgan, Franz Nahrada, Anitra Nelson, Christian Siefkes
  10. Environmental Movement (NGO) by Franziska Sperfeld, Kai Niebert, Theresa Klostermeyer and Hauke Ebert
  11. Food Sovereignty by Irmi Salzer and Julianna Fehlinger
  12. Free Software by Gualter Barbas Baptista
  13. Peoples Global Action by Friederike Habermann (VIDEO coming soon)
  14. Radical Ecological Democracy by Ashish Kothari
  15. Refugee Movement by Olaf Bernau (with VIDEO)
  16. Solidarity Economy by Dagmar Embshoff, Clarita Müller-Plantenberg and Giuliana Giorgi
  17. Transition Initiativesby Gesa Maschkowski, Stephanie Ristig-Bresser, Silvia Hable, Norbert Rost and Michael Schem
  18. Unconditional Basic Income by Ronald Blaschke
  19. Unions by Jana Flemming and Norbert Reuter
  20. Youth Environmental Movement by Janna Aljets and Katharina Ebinger
  21. Closing chapter by Corinna Burkhart, Matthias Schmelzer and Nina Treu

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